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High Efficiency Knockout Cyclone Gas Separators

15" KSS Cyclone Separator Natural Gas Application

Process and petrochemical plant systems, compressor stations and other equipment are always vulnerable to the severe loadings imposed by the sudden and/or continuous transmission of large volumes of liquids and/or the ingestion of solid particles. This may result in the following problems within a gas system.

  • Shock loadings on rotating equipment.
  • Equipment damage due to erosion and/or corrosion.
  • Reduction in process efficiency due to lower heat transfer rates.
  • Increased maintenance and downtime.
  • Process contamination due to liquid carryover.

Additionally, many processes require the continuous removal of liquid streams to ensure optimum operational efficiencies.

The Kelburn Engineering High Efficiency Knockout Cyclone Gas Separator has been developed to satisfy the dual separation requirement of large volumes of liquids and the removal of solid debris.

Cyclone Separator c/w Level Control, Drain & Bypass


Slugs or streams of liquids, pipe scale and other debris enters the separator with the gas flow and hits the coned defector vane section (designed to withstand the large impact loadings) where the flow is split into several streams.

The flow then enters a vortex chamber tangentially from the defector vanes and is subjected to a powerful centrifugal action. The liquid and solid particles are forced to the cyclone walls and leave the unit via a large area drain, providing a clean dry gas at the separator outlet.

The large bore drain and pipe reservoir provide rapid liquid removal and high capacity storage during a large water carryover event.


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These highly efficient, flow driven separators remove 99% of all droplets down to 15 microns in size.

The Kelburn Engineering separator generates a very low pressure drop, typically less than 1% of the system operating pressure.

Separation of sand, pipe scale, swarf and other solid debris down to 15 microns in size. Separation and dispersion of liquid slugs and streams.

Design Features

  • Body of cast construction allowing manufacture in all material specifications.
  • Separators specifically sized for each application, for maximum efficiency.
  • Strengthened internal vanes for absorption of shock loadings.
  • Full range of separator sizes DN 100 to DN 1400 (4" to 56").
  • Flange and pressure ratings up to ANSI 2500 and PN 160.
  • No maintenance and no spare parts requirement.
  • Self clearing of separated liquids and solids.
  • Large bore drain for rapid liquid removal.
  • Compact in size.
  • Inline inlet and outlet
  • No moving parts.
  • Low pressure drop.

10" KSS Cyclone Separator - Debottlenecking existing gas separator-filter


  • Replacement of scrubbers and high volume gravity separators.
  • Bulk gas liquid separation for metering applications.
  • Gas preconditioning to filters or scrubbers.
  • Gas compressor station protection.
  • Heat exchanger protection.
  • De-bottle necking.
  • 2 phase separation.

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